Company Overview

Infinity is a semiconductor startup company specializing in the third-generation semiconductor segment. Infinity designs and manufactures GaN, GaAs based RF and power devices. The products are well suitable for 5G/Wi-Fi/Satellite RF power amplifier (PA) device, electric vehicle's fast charger equipment and industrial power supply equipment. The company provides high performance GaN process with in-house growth high-grade Epi. The company also offers high power RF PA module design solutions.
Infinity was founded by a group of professionals, engineers, and scholars with extensive experience in III-V semiconductor fabrication and RF systems design.
Infinity has established core leading technologies and works closely with professional manufacturers to become a key player of the world's 5G communication industry and power conversion industry, aiming to become the leader of the new generation of GaN industry!

Company History

Have developed 650V / 200、150mΩ GaN HEMT

Moved into a new office on the 2nd floor, No. 6, Chuangxin 3rd Road, Hsinchu Science Park

Obtain Hsinchu Science Park entry permit

Completed cash capital increase of RMB 521 million

The company has one-stop capabilities in the gallium nitride industry and masters key technologies in each segment of the industry. It can independently develop key technologies in epitaxy, process, simulation, testing and chip module design. It can also provide different applications such as: radar, base Taiwan and Backhaul

The R&D team has completed the development of key process technologies on gallium nitride components: Submicron Optical Gate process, Ohmic Regrowth, and Via Hole technology

The R&D team of Edatron has completed the development of key process technologies for gallium nitride components: Air Bridge and E-Beam T-Gate processes, and officially established Edatron Technology Co., Ltd. on May 23 to produce high-end Focusing on high-frequency and high-power gallium nitride components, gallium nitride power amplifiers and modules, in response to the current rapidly growing market demand

Company Vision

Infinity is people-oriented and pursues excellence. It hopes to become a benchmark company for gallium nitride through innovation and service. Based in Taiwan, it will expand its presence around the world and become the first GaN FET (GaN on Silicon & Sapphire) IDM.

Business philosophy

Steady and honest
Innovation major
Excellent quality
Leading technology
Create advantages together