Fast charging applications and electric vehicles are rapidly developing and gaining popularity. The key is that GaN high-frequency, high-power devices and modules have proven to be the core technology for charging and power conversion.
The D-Mode GaN FET power device successfully developed by Infinity has high voltage, high speed, high switching frequency, and higher thermal conduct effect than traditional Si and GaAs devices. It is used in electric vehicle DC transformers, industrial power conversion such as data center server power systems boost converter. Power devices designed with GaN power devices are not only small but also highly efficient.
In addition, Infinity has successfully developed innovative ferroelectric oxide layer E-mode GaN power device, which has the characteristics of high threshold voltage and large output current.
For inverters of EV’s motor driver or Grid-Tie Solar Panel installations, the parasitic loop inductance in the power plane often causes voltage glitches when three-phase electrical switching occurs, resulting in false triggering and a breakdown fault in which the upper and lower bridges are turned on at the same time. Infinity’s E-Mode GaN devices with high VGS,on can effectively prevent such catastrophic failures.

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