LEO Satcom

With the demand of commercial, scientific research and earth observation in recent years, the launch volume of nano/microsatellites is increasing. Commercial small satellites accounted for 64% of the total satellite launches in 2014, among which the launch volume of satellites under 50kg has grown rapidly since 2014. High-frequency and high-power SSPA made of GaN devices will replace TWTA soon, greatly reducing the size and weight of the payload, and becoming the mainstream of Nano/Microsatellite in the near future.
In view of the massive launch and deployment of low-orbit commercial satellites around the world, the demand for satellite ground communication equipment has grown significantly. Infinity successfully develops ultra-low noise K-band GaAs LNA MMICs for satcom downlinks. Meanwhile, a 36dBm Ka-band GaAs HPA for satcom uplinks is currently under development.

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