INFINITY GaN Technology

During the generational evolution and change of semiconductor fabrication process, in response to market demand, each new generation will breed the king of a new era of device materials. With the vigorous germination of 5G and LEO satcom, EVs, and power conversion markets, the demand for high-frequency and high-power components is becoming more and more urgent while traditional Si and GaAs devices can no longer meet these demanding requirements. These trends have contributed to the rapid rise of the demand for third-generation semiconductors, especially GaN gallium nitride!

The Infinity technical team has been dedicated to the field of compound semiconductor R&D and production for decades, and has established world-class key technologies in the field of GaN gallium nitride radio frequency and power components.


Infinity is a high-tech semiconductor company providing high-quality GaN RF chips and power devices with independent intellectual property rights. The team has the one-stop integration capability of the GaN industry, masters the core key technologies for independent development of epitaxy, fabrication process, simulation, packaging & testing and chip module design, and then provides various application fields, such as 5G base station, LEO satcom, radar, backhaul point-to-point transmission, power conversion and other high-frequency and high-power system applications.
The Infinity team has strong technical strength and rich experience. It has internationally renowned III-V compound semiconductor process experts, well-known communication system and RF chip design architects, and a group of top senior engineers. Infinity masters core leading technologies and works closely with industries to become key supplier of the world's 5G and power conversion industries, and is committed to becoming the leader of the new generation of GaN industry!